Stanisław (Stan) Findeisen

Software Engineer/Architect

I transform complex requirements into elegant software architectures.

Algorithms, data structures and computer science education

Efficient algorithms and data structures have fascinated me since the young age, in fact this is how I got into computer science. I am the USA Computing Olympiad 1999 Spring Open champion (archived here) and 6th Polish Olympiad in Informatics finalist.

Today I work free of charge for the Polish Olympiad, which is one of the strongest competitions in the world, which can clearly be seen by Poland's very high ranking in the International Olympiad in Informatics's overall medal table. My work involves: preparing algorithmic problem statements, official solutions, test cases and grading.

Relevant software projects

programming contests from around the world: my solutions to the problems C, C++, Java, Scala
algorithm and data structure library C++

ACM VIS Committee member at ETH Zürich

I prepared a task for ACM ICPC Swiss Subregional Contest 2018.