Stanisław (Stan) Findeisen

Software Engineer/Architect

I transform complex requirements into elegant software architectures.

Remarkable points in my career


  • I optimized HERE.com's multithreaded place search indexer performance by the factor of 1.75 with no memory footprint increase.


  • I turned down a recruiter from Google, telling them what I think of their political involvement and stance. They kept coming nevertheless, until in 2018 they realized they have a duplicate record of mine in their system:
    I just realized that there might be an error in our system that we have a duplicate record and that you have been in contact with us in the past. Just to confirm: is it correct that you have been in contact with Patrick from our side in 2014?



  • I founded Eisenbits, a small consultancy and software house which I was running for several years, first in Poland and then in the UK, developing software on demand.